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Who is the Best Actor of the 1980s?

Get ready. Things are about to get a little brutal. Just like the Best Actor race in the 2000s, we have a lot of big contenders here. Upsets galore are … Continue reading

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Book Review: Murder On the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie

The downside of Agatha Christie’s most famous mysteries is that their secrets have fallen victim to their own success. Particularly in the internet age, it’s hard to avoid spoilers. Christie’s … Continue reading

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Book Review: American Gods, by Neil Gaiman

Well this was very disappointing. I purchased a mass market copy of American Gods when it first arrived in paperback in 2002 or 2003. I finally got around to reading … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, by Fannie Flagg

“You never know what’s in a person’s heart until they’re tested, do you?” I’ve been a fan of the movie adaptation Fried Green Tomatoes for a great many years. I … Continue reading

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Book Review: Shine, by Lauren Myracle

“Knowledge was more powerful than fear. Love was stronger than hate.” You know when a book is reasonably enjoyable, but the last ten pages are so terrible that it ruins … Continue reading

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Every Bond Girl Listed and Ranked

One of the most iconic and enduring legacies of the Bond franchise would have to be the Bond Girls. Gorgeous women who get tangled up in 007’s missions for various … Continue reading

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Who is the Best Actress of the 2010’s?

  Let’s close out the 2010’s with a look at the Best Actress winners. It’s not a race as hotly contested as Best Actor, but also without a runaway favorite … Continue reading

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Every James Bond Villain Listed and Ranked

What would James Bond be without a villain? Just a globe-trotter with a serious sex addiction, that’s what. 007 can only have really meaning when he’s got a compelling bad … Continue reading

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