It’s Complicated Is a Garbage Movie

It's Complicated Movie

When released in 2009, It’s Complicated became a box office smash for celebrated filmmaker Nancy Meyers–who had been on a hot streak after releasing the Father of the Bride movies, What Women WantSomething’s Gotta Give, and The Holiday. It received Golden Globe nominations for Best Motion Picture–Musical or Comedy, Best Screenplay, and for Meryl Streep’s performance. Costar Alec Baldwin was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the BAFTA awards.

Nevertheless, It’s Complicated is a garbage movie.

All About It’s Complicated

Meryl Streep stars as Jane, a bakery owner who begins having an affair with her ex-husband Jake while his current (younger) wife is undergoing fertility treatments. Jane feels guilty, Jake does not. Meanwhile, Jane also begins a flirtation with the sweet man remodeling her home, played by Steve Martin. In other words: she’s made an unnecessarily complicated mess out of her life.

Why Is It Garbage?

Because the tone-deaf script for this movie is so soaked in privilege that Jane spends the entire movie complaining that when she is done remodeling her home she’ll “finally” have a decent kitchen, even though her current kitchen is larger, more expensive, and nicer than the average home. Magazines about home design refer to this kitchen as “fabulous,” and you can find it on numerous Pinterest boards about design ideas. But we’re supposed to believe it’s a wretched hellhole.

It's Complicated Kitchen
Seriously, this is the kitchen Jane spends the entire movie complaining about.

Because the movie uses the remodel as symbolism for Jane finally doing something nice for herself when aside from her divorce, it’s unclear what curveballs life has ever thrown her.

Because feeling guilty doesn’t make it any less awful to be having an affair with a man whose current wife you not only know but are aware is desperately trying to have a baby and plan a future with the man you’re sleeping with.

Because all of Jane’s “problems” are ridiculously self-made and unrealistic. “It’s complicated” only because she’s made it that way.

The performances are great, but there’s no getting around the awful mess the script makes of its protagonist.

Long Story Short

A bunch of rich, entitled white people make a mess of their lives and you’re supposed to think it’s adorable.

Disclaimer: I don’t pretend to be a cinematic expert, and I don’t believe my opinion is worth more than anyone else’s. I am aware that plenty of people loved this movie–all I offer here is a contrary opinion.

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